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Judhur al-Rumantikiah جذور الرومانتيكية
By: Berlin, Isaiah

Language: Arabic


في هذا الكتاب، يتتبع المفكر البريطاني (ايزايا برلين) تاريخ الحركة الرومانتيكية، والتي يعتبرها التحوّل الأعظم في الوعي الغربي منذ عصر التنوير، ويحاول تلمّس ارهاصاتها الأولى، ومنطلقاتها الرئيسة ومابقي منها مؤثرًا إلى القرن العشرين. وهذا يشمل التأثيرات الإيجابية والسلبية. فهو يرى على سبيل المثال، أن الحركات السياسية الفاشية والنازية تجد منطلقاتها في الرومانتيكية، لكنه ايضًا، يرى أن فكرة التعددية، وهي فكرة محوريّة في مجمل فلسفة (برلين) السياسيّة، تجد جذورها ايضًا في الرفض الرومانتيكي لمقولات عصر التنوير حول القيم العقلانية الثابتة والصالحة لكل زمان ومكان. والكتاب يعيد التعقيد للكثير من المسلّمات الثابتة في نشوء الرومانتيكية وتحولاتها ويركز على بعدها الفكري والفلسفي وامتداداته الثقافية ممهدًا الطريق لإعادة فهم المناخ الفكري للقرن العشرين.

Translated to Arabic, 'The Roots of Romanticism', by Isaiah Berlin. These brilliant lectures depict the history of the romantic movement, and were first delivered in Washington in 1965 and recorded by the BBC, then the spoken words transcribed into print

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By:Berlin, Isaiah
Pages: 267 pp
Publisher:Jadawel, Beirut, 2012 Arabic Edition
Dimensions:21 x 14 cm
Topic:Historical Lectures - Romanticism

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Published February 12th 2001 by Princeton University Press, English Edition Description Follows:

'The Roots of Romanticism' at last makes available in printed form Isaiah Berlin's most celebrated lecture series, the Mellon lectures, delivered in Washington in 1965, recorded by the BBC, and broadcast several times. A published version has been keenly awaited ever since the lectures were given, and Berlin had always hoped to complete a book based on them. But despite extensive further work this hope was not fulfilled, and the present volume is an edited transcript of his spoken words.For Berlin, the Romantics set in motion a vast, unparalleled revolution in humanity's view of itself. They destroyed the traditional notions of objective truth and validity in ethics with incalculable, all-pervasive results. As he said of the Romantics elsewhere: 'The world has never been the same since, and our politics and morals have been deeply transformed by them. Certainly this has been the most radical, and indeed dramatic, not to say terrifying, change in men's outlook in modern times.'

In these brilliant lectures Berlin surveys the myriad attempts to define Romanticism, distills its essence, traces its developments from its first stirrings to its apotheosis, and shows how its lasting legacy permeates our own outlook. Combining the freshness and immediacy of the spoken word with Berlin's inimitable eloquence and wit, the lectures range over a cast of the greatest thinkers and artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, including Kant, Rousseau, Diderot, Schiller, Schlegel, Novalis, Goethe, Blake, Byron, and Beethoven. Berlin argues that the ideas and attitudes held by these and other figures helped to shape twentieth-century nationalism, existentialism, democracy, totalitarianism,and our ideas about heroic individuals, individual self-fulfillment, and the exalted place of art. This is the record of an intellectual bravura performance--of one of the century's most influential philosophers dissecting and assessing a movement that changed the course of history.

Judhur al-Rumantikiah جذور الرومانتيكية
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