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Iqtisad al-Siyasi fi Suriyah الإقتصاد السياسي في سورية تحت حكم الاسد
By: Perthes, Volker

Language: Arabic


Translated to Arabic, 'The Political Economy of Syria Under al-Asad' A book written by Volker Perthes on the history of economic issues Syria has had under their past president.

الإقتصاد السياسي في سورية تحت حكم الاسد
Iqtisad al-Siyasi fi Suriyah Tahta Hukm al-Asad

يعتبر هذا الكتاب من أهم الكتب التي تناولت الاقتصاد السياسي في سوريا، عبر تحليل عميق للعلاقة التفاعلية بين الدولة والاقتصاد والمجتمع منذ عام 1970 وحتى يومنا هذا. وعندما يعالج المؤلف هذه العلاقة التفاعلية، فإنه يسوق الأدلة التي تبين أنه على الرغم من أن تحولا في بنية السلطة لن يحدث في ظل حكم الأسد، فإن نظامه خلق تلك المؤسسات التي تتيح انتقالا يسير للسلطة.

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Product Details
By:Perthes, Volker
Pages: 493 pp
Publisher:Riad El Rayyes Books, Beirut, 2012
Dimensions:21 x 14 cm
Topic:History - Government - Economics - Syria

More Information

English Edition Description (I.B.Tauris, Nov 15, 1997):

Syria under Asad has been one of the key regional powers of the Middle East. Though its political development has been a much-debated subject, there has been no comprehensive study in English of the country's political economy and its evolution since 1970 to the present day.

Beginning with an account of economic development and of changing development strategies, Perthes discusses the factors which in the late 1980s precipitated a change in direction from the socialist orientation of the earlier Ba'thist years to "infitah" and a larger role for the private sector. He pays particular attention to class structure and class-state relations and examines the nature of the state, the political structure and the mechanisms and dynamics of political decision-making.

Addressing the issue of the interplay between economic transformation and political change, Perthes argues that, although a shift in the power structure will not occur under Asad, his regime has created the institutions which will allow a reasonably smooth succession and a creation of a less personalized and more participatory political order

Iqtisad al-Siyasi fi Suriyah  الإقتصاد السياسي في سورية تحت حكم الاسد
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