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Bimadha Yufakkir Tifli بماذا يفكر طفلي؟
By: Woolfson, Richard

Language: Arabic


What Is My Baby Thinking?' by Richard Woolfson, translated to Arabic. All parents want to know what's going on inside their baby's head. And now they can, opening a new world of communication and bonding that will pay dividends throughout their child's life.

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By:Woolfson, Richard
Pages: 144 pp with color photograph throughout
Publisher:Academia, Beirut, 2008
Dimensions:20 x 24 cm

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يشرح هذا الكتاب ماذا يدور في ذهن الطفل الرضيع من ولادته وحتى عمر الثلاث سنوات. يبين كيف يمكنك أن تفسر وتفهم لغة جسد طفلك الآخذة بالتطور. ويتناول جميع نواحي السلوك عند الأطفال الرضع والأطفال الصغار.

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Moms and Dads will learn why babies put everything in their mouths, what they think when looking into a mirror, whether they have nightmares, and why different cries mean different things—and how to tell the difference! Of critical importance to parents of babies and toddlers from 0–3 years of age, the information offered here will enable a deeper, richer understanding of their child’s emotional development.

Bimadha Yufakkir Tifli  بماذا يفكر طفلي؟
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