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Rifliksulujiya al-Yadin رفلسولوجيا اليدين
By: Kunz, Barbara and Kevin

Language: Arabic


رفلسولوجيا اليدين : تمارين روتينية بسيطة للتعافي والاسترخاء
Rifliksūlūjiyā al-yadīn : tamārīn rūtīnīyah basīṭah lil-taʻāfī wa-al-istirkhāʼ

Translated to Arabic, 'Hand Reflexology: Simple Routines for Health and Relaxation' by Barbara and Kevin Kunz. This informative and instructive guide to hand reflexology makes it easy for readers to effectively treat themselves and others. Clear, step-by-step instructions and detailed photographs show the different pressure points on the hand and the correct procedures for treating common conditions such as sports injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Product Details
By:Kunz, Barbara and Kevin
Pages: 160 pp
Publisher:Academia, Lebanon, 2007 Arabic Edition
Dimensions:20.5 x 25.5 cm
Topic:Well Being - Reflexology

Rifliksulujiya al-Yadin  رفلسولوجيا اليدين
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