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Stories of My Grandmother حكايات جدتي (Set of 8) BOGO GET 8 Arabic, 8 English
By: Stories from Heritage

Language: Arabic and English


حكايات جدتي – من 5 إلى 7 سنوت :

سلسلة من 8 عناوين صيغت , بأسلوب فريد وجذّاب تفي بأغراض العلم الحديث . غنيّة بالرسوم الجذابة ,مشوّقة بمواضيعها , تدخل بالقارئ عالماً يختلط فيه الواقع بالخيال , ويسهل وصولها إلى عقول الأولاد وقلوبهم . صيغت بلغة عربية سليمة مطبوعة بأحرف كبيرة تساعد الأطفال على القراءة الصحيحة .

Buy One Set in Arabic at the regular price of $18. and we will give you a second set in English FREE. These are the rich classical tales as grandmother knew, with colorful illustrations to delight the child. For ages 5-7, the events in these stories have remained relatable through time. Printed with large letters to allow easier reading for the child.

MOST SETS INCLUDE AUDIO, 2 cassettes and/or 1 CD !!

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Product Details
By:Stories from Heritage
Language:Arabic and English
Pages: 8 books Arabic, 8 books English, 24 pp each
Publisher:Dar al-Chimal, Beirut, 2003
Dimensions:16.5 x 12 cm
Topic:Children's Tales Ages 5-7

More Information

Stories Include
- Cinderella
- Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
- The Short Kid
- Little Red Riding Hood
- The Milk Girl
- The Arrogant Little Mouse
- The Small House of Chocolate
- Puss In Boots

Stories of My Grandmother  حكايات جدتي (Set of 8) BOGO GET 8 Arabic, 8 English
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