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Al-Fihrist الفهرست
By: Ibn al-Nadim (d. 995/8 CE) ابن النديم

Language: Arabic


"الفهرست" كتاب أشهر من أن يعرَّف. فهو كتاب موسوعي وضعه وراق عالم هو "محمد بن اسحاق النديم"، وضمَّنه فهرساً لجميع مؤلفات العرب والعجم بالعربية. ترجم فيه للمؤلفين، وذكر أنسابهم، وأخبارهم، وأوقات ميلادهم ووفاتهم، وبلدانهم، وبلغ عدد من ترجم لهم في الكتاب 1172 وذكر في كل ترجمة مؤلفات صاحبها وميزاتها. وفي هذه الطبعة قام المحقق العالم المتقن، أد.محمد المرعشلي بوضع مقدمة وافية للكتاب ضمنها دراسة عن المكتبات في الإسلام، ودراسة عن كتاب الفهرست، وتعريفاً بالمؤلف. وقابل النسخ الخطية على النسخ المطبوعة، وضبط نص الكتاب، وخرج آياته وأحاديثه وشرح غريبه، وعرف بأعلامه والفرق والجماعات الواردة فيه وزوده بفهارس علمية وافية وطبعته دار النفائس - لبنان بحرف أنيق على ورق شاموا مميز.

The Fihrist of al-Nadim - a survey of pre-Islamic culture, by Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn al-Nadim (d. 995 or 998 CE). This famous work is an index of all books written in Arabic, and provides testimony to the knowledge of pre-islamic, Syriac, Greek, Sanskrit, Latin and Persian in classical pre-Islamic civilization.

In the Arabic language, the classical cataloging work of Ibn al-Nadim on pre-Islamic Arabic publications.

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Product Details
By:Ibn al-Nadim (d. 995/8 CE) ابن النديم
Pages: 824 pp - chamois color paper
Publisher:Dar al-Nafaes, Beirut, 2016
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:Early Work - Bio-Bibliography - Pre-Islamic Arabic Literature

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Reviewed on NPR All Things Considered, for English Edition:

The Catalog (Kitab al-fihrist) by Ibn al-Nadim (d. 995 AD) is an index of all books written in Arabic either by Arabs or non-Arabs and contains ten discourses. The first six of them deal with books on Islamic subjects: 1. the Scriptures of Muslims, Jews and Christians with emphasis on the Quran and Quranic sciences; 2. grammar and philology; 3. history, biography, genealogy and related subjects; 4. poetry; 5. scholastic theology (kalam); 6. law and tradition. The last four discourses deal with non-Islamic subjects. 7. philosophy and the ancient sciences; 8. legends, fables, magic, conjuring Inc; 9. the doctrines of the non-monotheistic creeds; 10. alchemy. The author, a bookseller, often mentions the size of a book and the number of pages so buyers would not be cheated by copyists creating shorter versions. He refers often to copies written by famous calligraphers, bibliophies and other libraries and speaks of an auction and of the trade in books. In the opening section he deals with the alphabets of 14 people (Arabs and non-Arabs) and their manner of writing and also with the writing-pen, paper and its different varieties.

Al-Fihrist   الفهرست

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