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Hikayat min al-Sharq: Jarrah Lal جرة لال
By: Muhaydali, Nabihah نبيهة محيدلي

Language: Arabic


‮"... ‬ولطالما سمع الناس لال‮ ‬ينعت جرّته المتشقّقة بأبشع النّعوت‮. ‬فتارة‮ ‬يُسمّيها النّاقصة،‮ ‬وتارة أخرى العاجزة أو الكسولة‮..‬

إنّه‮ ‬يتكبّد المشقّة بسببها،‮ ‬ولولا فقره لرمى بها بعيداً،‮ ‬وصارت مهملة‮".‬

إنّها قصّة شاب من الهند اسمه‮ "لال‮".

'Lal's Jar'. Stories from Eastern Folklore, adapted to Arabic for the pre-teen ages by Nabiha Mahidli. With detailed color illustrations. This story is about a poor Indian man named Lal whose job is to carry jars of water up a hill. One jar leaks slowly, drip drip drip, making Lal insult his jar as he goes up and down the hill day after day. But when the seasons change something wonderful happens on the side of the path where the jar dripped the water.

Silsilat: Hikayat min al-Sharq السلسلة: حكاية من الشرق
Tales from the East Series

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Product Details
By:Muhaydali, Nabihah نبيهة محيدلي
Pages: 24 pp
Publisher:Hadaek Group, Beirut, 2016
Dimensions:17 x 21 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Tales - Preserverance - Judgement - Ages 9+

Hikayat min al-Sharq: Jarrah Lal  جرة لال

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