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Min al-Afdal Kitaman al-Sirr (Best Kept Secret) من الأفضل كتمان السر
By: Archer, Jeffrey (b. 1940) جيفري أرشير

Language: Arabic


من الأفضل كتمان السر ؛ مصير عائلتين مرتبطتين إلى الأبد - الجزء الثالث
Min al-Afdal Kitaman al-Sirr : Masir a‘ilatain murtabatain ila-l-abad al-juz‘u al-thalith

ي روايتة من الأفضل كتمان السر يسلط جيفري اشير بأسلوبة الأنيق الضوء علي مواقف انسانية غاية في الدقة يمر بها أفراد عائلتي بارينغتون وكليفتون فالنزاع مهما كبر بشأن تركة يقزمة الحب ويجعل من المتخاصمين علي التركة ينتظرون الحكم يدا بيد

Translated to Arabic, 'Best Kept Secret, The Clifton Chronicals 3', by best-selling author Jeffrey Archer (b. 1940 England).
From English Edition: The vote in the House of Lords as to who should inherit the Barrington family fortune has ended in a tie, and the Lord Chancellor's deciding vote will cast a long shadow over the lives of Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington. Harry returns briefly to America to publicise his latest novel, while his beloved Emma goes in search of a girl to adopt, providing a sister for Sebastian and completing their family. Meanwhile, Giles falls in love with the scheming Lady Virginia, which could prove to be his undoing. And as Sebastian grows and starts to make his way in the world, he gets himself into what could be serious trouble...

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Product Details
By:Archer, Jeffrey (b. 1940) جيفري أرشير
Pages: 437 pp
Publisher:ASP, Beirut, 2018 Arabic Edition c. 2013
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:Translated Literature - Suspense Novel - Family Saga - England

Min al-Afdal Kitaman al-Sirr (Best Kept Secret)  من الأفضل كتمان السر

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