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Hiyal Hayatiyat lil-Walidayn حيل حياتية للوالدين ‎
By: Marshall, Dan / Summersdale

Language: Arabic

Softcover / Flexi Cardstock

حيل حياتية للوالدين نصائح عملية لجعل الحياة أسهل‎

Translated to Arabic, 'Life Hacks for Parents: Practical Hints for Making Life with Kids Easier' by Dan Marshall. More than one hundred simple yet ingenious tricks, shortcuts, and ideas to help parents solve everyday occurrences and annoyances in one convenient, illustrated, flexibound pocket-sized guide.

As the father of two children, Dan Marshall knows that just one time-saving tip can save the day for busy parents—whether they’re up to their elbows in dirty diapers with a newborn, chasing a high-energy toddler, or organizing their young scholars’ school projects. In Parent Hacks, he provides simple, easy-to-follow advice for tackling life’s everyday annoyances using materials and techniques that are either already on hand or easily attainable. Every tip is fully illustrated, making each easy to follow and master.

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Product Details
By:Marshall, Dan / Summersdale
Format:Softcover / Flexi Cardstock
Pages: 190 pp, color text and illustrations
Publisher:Jarir Bookstore, Saudi Arabia, 2018 Arabic Edition
Dimensions:12.5 x 17.5 cm
Topic:Parenting Tips

More Information

Packaged in an appealing and portable size and designed with an easy-to-open spine and rounded-corners perfect for a back pocket, diaper bag, backpack, or purse, this indispensable guide offers dozens of inspired yet practical techniques for tackling the entire house, from kitchen to playroom to bedroom to bathroom, including:

• Cleaning Hacks
• Tidying Hacks
• Out and About Hacks
• First Aid Hacks
• Safety Hacks
• Food and Drink Hacks
• Arts and Crafts Hacks
• Early Days Hacks

From converting an egg carton into a DIY paint palette to washing germs and goo off of plastic toys in the dishwasher to freezing a bag of marshmallows to make a soft and soothing ice pack that isn’t too cold for little ones, Parent Hacks offers handy, proven solutions for every mom and dad!

Hiyal Hayatiyat lil-Walidayn   حيل حياتية للوالدين ‎

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