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Ana Alan Mayt, Madha Ba'd? أنا الآن ميت ، ماذا بعد؟
By: Peter Pauper Press

Language: Arabic

Hardcover, Wire Spiral Bound

أنا الآن ميت، ماذا بعد؟ 'وصيتي'

معلومات مهمّة حول متاعي وعملي ورغباتي .

إستخدم هذا المُخطط المفيد لكي تريح بالك .
اجمع التفاصيل المهمة حول جهات اتصالك، والمسائل القانونية، والشؤون الصحية، والمالية، ورغباتك، والمزيد .

وسجل المعلومات المهمة في هذا الكتاب الدقيق واحتفظ بها في مكان آمن، فهذا الكتاب القيّم والعملي يعد هدية رائعة لأحبائك وممثليك الشخصيين .

Translated to Arabic, 'I'm Dead, Now What?: Important Information About My Belongings, Business Affairs, and Wishes'. Yes, it has a quirky cover design that will appeal to certain sensibilities, but the contents of this peace-of-mind planner are no-nonsense. Use it to gather those vital details about your contacts, legal matters, health, financial affairs, instructions, and more. Enter the information in this guided planner, and keep it in a secure location. Valuable and practical, it is a tremendous gift for your family and personal representatives. Durable hardcover with concealed wire spiral binding. 100 pages with 17 tabbed sections.

Excellent Quality - A valuable and Practical Guide and Handbook to organize your important information.

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Product Details
By:Peter Pauper Press
Format:Hardcover, Wire Spiral Bound
Pages: 100 pp
Publisher:Jarir Bookstore, Saudi Arabic, 2018 Arabic Edition
Dimensions:23 x 29 cm
Topic:Estate Planning - Manual, Handbook

More Information

The I'm Dead, Now What? Planner covers:
• My Personal Information
• My Medical Information
• Key Contact Information
• At the Time of My Passing
• My Dependents
• Important Documents
• Financial Information
• Commercial/Business Information
• What Beneficiaries Can Expect
• Personal Property
• Insurance
• My Pets
• What to Pay, Close, and Cancel
• Email and Social Media
• Miscellaneous Information
• My Personal Wishes
• Last Words
Note: This planner is not a legal document and does not replace a valid will.

Ana Alan Mayt, Madha Ba'd?    أنا الآن ميت ، ماذا بعد؟

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