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Tawaquf 'an al-Kalam wa-Abda al-Tathir توقف عن الكلام وابدأ التأثير
By: Horvath, Jared Cooney

Language: Arabic


لقد انتظرت لسنوات (وربما لعقود) تأليف كتاب مثل هذا! أخيرا تجرى أبحاث عقلية دقيقة ومفهومة وقابلة للتطبيق فعليا على العمل والحياة ويعود ذلك بالنفع على مجالات التسويق والعلامات التجارية والمبيعات والتدريب والثقافة وإدارة التغيير وعلى أي جانب من جوانب الأعمال التي يمكنك التفكير فيها وهذا هو التطبيق العملي للعلوم وأنا أحب ذلك.
سيرجيو برودسكي رئيس إستراتيجية مؤسسة إنيشياتف جلوبال ميديا

Translated to Arabic, 'Stop Talking, Start Influencing : 12 Insights From Brain Science to Make Your Memory Stick', by Jared Cooney Horvath. Drawing on the author's nearly 15 years of experience conducting brain research at prominent universities, teaching students of all ages, and working with organizations and schools across 4 continents, Stop Talking, Start Influencing outlines 12 scientific principles of how people learn, so that you can share your knowledge in a way that sticks!

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Product Details
By:Horvath, Jared Cooney
Pages: 294 pp
Publisher:Jarir Bookstore, Saudi Arabia, 2020 Arabic Edition
Dimensions:15 x 23 cm
Topic:Influence - Teaching

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From English Edition:
What can a crowded bar teach us about effective PowerPoint presentations?
What does binge-watching reveal about forming deep, lasting memories?
Why is tihs setnecne so esay to raed - and waht deos it tlel us abuot thkining?
In this exciting new book, Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath breaks fresh ground on the vital topic of influence. By combining cutting-edge brain research with proven behavioral science, Dr. Horvath outlines 12 scientific principles of how to impart knowledge in a way that truly sticks with and impacts others.

For leaders sick of repeating themselves to clients and colleagues, for coaches tired of drilling athletes without seeing meaningful improvement, for teachers fed up with pouring their hearts into lessons only to see no lasting impact ... it's time to stop talking and start influencing!

Tawaquf 'an al-Kalam wa-Abda al-Tathir  توقف عن الكلام وابدأ التأثير

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