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Elements of the Divine Commission (SC)
By: Nabulsi, Dr. Mohammed Rateb / Translator: Arafa, Samer

Language: English with some Arabic


«These simple analogies and brief presentations of interesting recent discoveries drive the point home quickly. A concise book like a necessity in today's era of doubt and skepticism.» - Imam Mustafa Umar

«Elements of the Divine Commission: What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist?» This book provides simple answers to these questions, backed up by scientific facts and logical analysis. It is a must read for the young and old, The author invites you to see the universe in a different way, to find a new definition of happiness, to consider a new meaning of knowledge, and to understand your natural desires through a completely different lens.

An outstanding translation to English by Samer Arafa, from the original book in Arabic «Muqawwimat al-taklif» by world-renowned Islamic scholar Dr. Mohammed Rateb al-Nabulsi. 2 color text, Qur'an and hadith in Arabic with translated meanings.

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Product Details
By:Nabulsi, Dr. Mohammed Rateb / Translator: Arafa, Samer
Language:English with some Arabic
Pages: 118 pp, 2 color text
Publisher:Jarir Bookstore USA, Garden Grove, CA, 2021
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm / 6.75 x 9.5 in
Topic:Islam - Mankind's Existence - Reasons and Responsibilities

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About the Author:
Dr. Nabulsi is a world-renowned Islamic Scholar. He was born and educated in Syria and has served as a lecturing professor at the University of Damascus. He established the «Sheikh Abdul Ghani Nabulsi Compound of Islamic Sciences» which includes a very influential school in the field of Islamic Studies.

Dr. Nabulsi's approach strikes an exception balance between the divine legislation, the spirit of the law, and the introduction of a distinct and practicable philosophy of faith. He is one of the most influential contemporary Muslim thinkers and has had an enormous impact on Muslim communities around the world.

The author has an extensive list of publications including the «Interpretation of the Quran» in 14 volumes, «The Encyclopedia of the Perfect Names of Allah» in 4 volumes as well as numerous other publications including this brief book «Elements of the Divine Commission».

Elements of the Divine Commission (SC)

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