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Tahqiq Mawaqif Sahabah (En): Investigating the Standpoint of the Sahabah
By: Amahzun, Dr. Muhammad

Language: English


In English, by Dr. Muhammad Amahzun «Tahqiq Mawaqif Sahabah: Investigating the Standpoint of the Sahabah During the Fitnah». Establishing the stance of the Sahabah in the face of the fitnah (turmoil) according to the narration of Imam al-Tabari and the scholars of hadith.

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By:Amahzun, Dr. Muhammad
Pages: 162 pp
Publisher:Mahajjah Institute
Dimensions:21 x 29 cm
Topic:Islam - History - Tabari - Sahabah

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In this era, there has perhaps been no part of the shari’ah that hasn’t been a target of opposition and interpolation. The objective of this attack is an attempt to deconstruct correct Islamic beliefs and the practical applications of shar’i injunctions. This is done by relegating the eminent personalities of this ummah to insignificance and portraying Islamic history in a way that fundamentally opposes the Islamic spirit. These forgeries need be opposed and corrected by every Muslim.

The author, Sayed Muhammad Amhazun, has taken up this very task in the book before you. The author has tackled many a thorny question and grave view herein with strength and unwavering conviction. He has approached each discussion in a clear manner without any ambiguity or disparity. He draws conclusions citing proofs, not merely assuming conclusions based on pretenses. He has conducted an in depth study into re-evaluating Islamic history.

He has written at length on issues of methodology, reasons of distortion, and the Saba’iyyah influence. He also discusses the sources of Imam al Tabari and the methodology of his work. All this is a prelude to the focal discussion of the stance adopted by the Sahabah radiya Llahu ‘anhum in the fitnah during the eras of ‘Uthman and ‘Ali radiya Llahu ‘anhuma.

Tahqiq Mawaqif Sahabah (En): Investigating the Standpoint of the Sahabah

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