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Ibn Taimiya: Mujahid, Mujtahid, Mujaddid
By: Zarabozo, Jamal al-Din

Language: English


It seems, Allah knows best, that Ibn Taimiya was one of those rare personalitties thar possessed many qualities that are usually found in many people but not all in one man. It is not difficult to find great Mujahids in the history or Islam; there were also many great Mujtahids; and , as the Prophet (peace be upon him) stated, there are Mujaddids every one hundred years. But to find one person who was at once a great Mujahid, at a time when Muslims were facing oth internal and external enemies, a great Mujtahid, at a time when most scholars proclaimed the closing of the door to Ijtehad and a great Mujaddid, in every reals that required Tajdid, is indeed truly remarkable. These articles are from a series by respected scholar Jamaal Din al-Zarabozo.

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Product Details
By:Zarabozo, Jamal al-Din
Pages: 252 pp
Publisher:Independent Publication, 2021
Dimensions:14.5 x 20.5 cm / 5.75 x 8.25 inches
Topic:Early Muslim Biography - Ibn Taymiyya

More Information

The material contained in this book comes from the collections of a five-part series of articles which originally appeared in the now discontinued Al-Basheer magazine, which was published during the period between 1987 and 1995 in the US. In order to remain faithful to the original publication of the articles, no changes, editing or revisions were done to the text. The reader should kee in mind that the tone, style and nature of writing in a periodical can be very different from that of writing for a book. Prepared by: Shiraz Mohamedali.

Ibn Taimiya: Mujahid, Mujtahid, Mujaddid

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