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Allaj Schopenhauer علاج شوبنهاور
By: Yalom, Irvin ارفين يالوم

Language: Arabic


كل نفس نأخذه يدرأ عنا الموت الذي يحيق بنا طوال الوقت... وفي النهاية، لا بد أن ينتصر الموت، لأنه أصبح قدرنا منذ ولادتنا، ويتلاعب بفريسته لفترة قصيرة جداً قبل أن يبتلعها، لكننا نواصل حياتنا باهتمام كبير وببؤس شديد بقدر ما نستطيع، تماماً كما ننفخ فقاعة صابون حتى تصبح أطول وأضخم ما يمكنها، مع أننا واثقون تمام الثقة بأنها ستنفجر في نهاية المطاف.

Translated to Arabic, «The Schopenhauer Cure», a novel by Irvin David Yalom, an American Psychiatrist, Professor, and author of both fiction and nonfiction. Translated by Khalid al-Jubaily.
«Suddenly confronted with his own mortality after a routine checkup, eminent psychotherapist Julius Hertzfeld is forced to reexamine his life and work -- and seeks out Philip Slate, a sex addict whom he failed to help some twenty years earlier. Yet Philip claims to be cured -- miraculously transformed by the pessimistic teachings of German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer -- and is, himself, a philosophical counselor in training. Philips dour, misanthropic stance compels Julius to invite Philip to join his intensive therapy group in exchange for tutoring on Schopenhauer. But with mere months left, life may be far too short to help Philip or to compete with him for the hearts and minds of the group members. And then again, it might be just long enough.» (English Edition Description)

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Product Details
By:Yalom, Irvin ارفين يالوم
Pages: 430 pp
Publisher:al-Kamel Verlag, Freiberg, Germany, 2018
Dimensions:14 x 21 cm
Topic:Translated Literature - Philosophical Novel - US

Allaj Schopenhauer علاج شوبنهاور

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