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Kunuz 'Ealamina: al-Rih كنوز عالمنا : الرّيح
By: Quarto Group / Tr: Mutlaq, Albert

Language: Arabic

Flexi Card Cover

كنوز عالمنا : الرّيح
استكشف، استطلع وابتكر!
الريح جزء مهم من كوكبنا. فما هي الريح وما دورها في عالمنا؟ استكشف كيف تشكل الريح عالمنا وكيف تعلم البشر تسخيرها لمصلحتهم. استطلع كيف تعمل الريح في الطبيعة وكيف نستعملها في حياتنا اليومية. ابتكر مركبة سباق شراعية بنفسك وتعلم كيف تبني طيارة ورقية وكيف تطيرها.

«What on Earth? The Wind - Explore, create and investigate!» translated to Arabic.
Explore, create and investigate Wind and Water. Learn about these elements through experiments, investigations and hands-on tasks. What on Earth? takes the reader on a journey of discovery to explore the natural elements of our world.

Find out how humans have harnessed the wind's energy and travelled the world. Create an experiment using your own windmill and learn how to make a sail racer. Discover all about the water cycle and make a precipitation gauge or grow your own stalactite. This series takes a cross-disciplinary approach, including links to culture, history, arts and crafts, as well as the science behind each topic. Internal links encourage children to choose their own path through the book, with each spread providing a new adventure.

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Product Details
By:Quarto Group / Tr: Mutlaq, Albert
Format:Flexi Card Cover
Pages: 64 pp, color illustrations, matte photo paper
Publisher:Librairie du-Lubnan - Butterfly Books, Beirut, 2021
Dimensions:18 x 24 cm
Topic:Children's Science Book with Activities - Wind - Ages 6-9+

Kunuz 'Ealamina: al-Rih  كنوز عالمنا : الرّيح

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