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Subul al-Tabi'iyah lil-'Ilaj: Da'uka Dawa'uka al-Mu'alajah al-Muthliyah داؤك دواؤك : المعالجة المثليه
By: Lockie, Andrew

Language: Arabic


يحتل هذا الكتاب دليل الإنسان الذكي إلى 72 دواء مثلياً وخاصياتها واستعمالاتها، قراءة ضرورية لكل من يرغب في القيام بخيارات مطلقة حول رعايتهم الصحية الخاصة.

Translation of: 'Homeopathy Handbook: A potent force to help overcome illness and fight disease' by Andrew Lockie, on in the Healing Handbooks Series, published by DK Adult.

السبل الطبيعية للعلاج

Arabic Edition

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Product Details
By:Lockie, Andrew
Pages: 127 pp
Publisher:Academia International, Beirut 2003
Dimensions:15 x 22 CM.
Topic:Natural Healing

More Information

Dr. Andrew Lockie brings his knowledge and practical expertise in homeopathy to ordinary people looking for safe and effective treatments for common ailments. Setting the record straight. There is a popular misconception that homeopathy is a plant-based therapy, yet the remedies are drawn from animal, vegetable, and mineral sources. To overcome this and other confusions, this book provides the most up-to-date and scientifically accurate information available, using the current classifications of the substances from which homeopathic remedies are derived. Treating the whole person. Before suggesting a remedy, a homeopathic practitioner will consider a host of factors, including the patient's temperament, state of mind, and lifestyle, in addition to any signs and symptoms of internal disorder. This "whole person" approach ensures a remedy uniquely suited to the individual for whom it is prescribed. In this book, Dr. Andrew Lockie explains the steps to correct self-diagnosis, and how to choose among the hundreds of remedies for sale.

Subul al-Tabi'iyah lil-'Ilaj: Da'uka Dawa'uka al-Mu'alajah al-Muthliyah  داؤك دواؤك : المعالجة المثليه
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