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Fi Qalbi Hadiqah في قلبي حديقة
By: Harathi, Aisha / Ill; Homs, Binan

Language: Arabic


«زَيْد‮»‬‭ ‬مِثْلُهُ‭ ‬مِثْلَ‭ ‬الآلافِ‭ ‬مِنَ‭ ‬الأطْفالِ‭ ‬اللّاجئينَ‭ ‬الَّذين‭ ‬تَرَكوا‭ ‬أوْطانَهَم‭ ‬ودِيارَهُم‭ ‬نَتيجَةَ‭ ‬الحُروب‭…‬
كَيْفَ‭ ‬اسْتَطاعَ‭ ‬‮«‬زَيْد‮»‬‭ ‬أنْ‭ ‬يَتَأقْلَمَ‭ ‬مَعَ‭ ‬حَياتِهِ‭ ‬الجَديدَة؟
وكَيْفَ‭ ‬أصْبَحَ‭ ‬قَلْبُهُ‭ ‬حَديقَةً‭ ‬مُزْهِرَةً؟

'In My Heart is a Garden', a children's story in Arabic. Zaid, like thousands of refugee children, left his home and country because of wars. How could Zaid adapt to his new life? How did his heart become a flowering garden?

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Product Details
By:Harathi, Aisha / Ill; Homs, Binan
Pages: 24 pp
Publisher:Asala Publishing, Beirut, 2018
Dimensions:20 x 28 cm
Topic:Children's Arabic Story - Asylum - Positive Thinking - Ages 7-10

Fi Qalbi Hadiqah  في قلبي حديقة

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