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The Joyous Science
By: Nietzsche, Friedrich (1844-1900)

Language: English


Introduction by R. Kevin Hill
Edited by R. Kevin Hill
Translated by R. Kevin Hill
Notes by R. Kevin Hill

Grounded in his famous notion that “God is dead,” Nietzsche’s most personal book–and one of his best

The Joyous Science–also known as The Gay Science and The Joyful Wisdom–is a liberating voyage of discovery as Nietzsche’s realization that “God is dead” and his critique of morality, the arts and modernity give way to an exhilarating doctrine of self-emancipation and the concept of eternal recurrence. Here is Nietzsche at his most personal and affirmative; in his words, this is a book of “exuberance, restlessness, contrariety and April showers.” With its unique voice and style, its playful combination of poetry and prose, and its invigorating quest for self-emancipation, The Joyous Science is a literary tour de force and quite possibly Nietzsche’s best book.

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Product Details
By:Nietzsche, Friedrich (1844-1900)
Pages: 336 pp
Publisher:Penguin Classics, USA 2018
Dimensions:14 x 20 cm
Topic:Classic - Philosophy - Germany

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The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was born in Prussia in 1844. After the death of his father, a Lutheran minister, Nietzsche was raised from the age of five by his mother in a household of women. In 1869 he was appointed Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Basel, where he taught until 1879 when poor health forced him to retire. He never recovered from a nervous breakdown in 1889 and died 11 years later. Known for saying that “god is dead,” Nietzsche propounded his metaphysical construct of the superiority of the disciplined individual (superman) living in the present over traditional values derived from Christianity and its emphasis on heavenly rewards. His ideas were appropriated by the Fascists, who turned his theories into social realities that he had never intended.

The Joyous Science

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