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The Greatest Universal Sureties: The Creator's Existence
By: Buti, Muhamad Sa'id Ramadan (1929-2013) / Tr. Lock, Nicholas

Language: English


A translation to English of 'Kubra al-Yaqiniyat al-Kawniyah' by the late Syrian Islamic scholar Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti.

This is a comprehensive work on Islamic doctrine, covering both foundational and modern issues. In this work, the author starts by clarifying his method of research, so that knowledge does not become mixed with illusion and certainty does not become confused with conjecture and truth is not veiled by falsehood.

Then he continues by discussing theology, starting with divinity, then prophethood, then the universe and matters of the unseen. He avoids going into disputed matters and matters whose time has passed, while refuting the opinions and theories that oppose the theology, in his unshakable, scientific style.

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Product Details
By:Buti, Muhamad Sa'id Ramadan (1929-2013) / Tr. Lock, Nicholas
Pages: 478 pp
Publisher:Dar al Fikr, Damascus 2017 English Edition
Dimensions:14 x 20 cm
Topic:Islam - God - Existence of Creator

The Greatest Universal Sureties: The Creator's Existence

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