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Qisas Tarikhiya 5 - Revolution ملحمة القفقاس 5 - الثورة
By: Quandour, M.I. (b. 1938) محي الدين قندور

Language: Arabic


هذه رواية تاريخية ذات قوة ونفاذ بصيرة غير عاديين. إنها تكشف العديد من الحقائق غير المعروفة حتى الآن حول الثورتين الرئيسيتين أوائل القرن العشرين:

الثورة الروسية وتفتت الامبراطورية العثمانية، بأسلوب قصصي متوازن.

وسط هاتين الثورتين، هناك قصة مؤثرة عن المأساة والتضحيات الإنسانية: قصة الشراكسة والدور الذي قاموا به للحفاظ على كيانهم خلال هذه الأحداث المؤثرة.

The Caucasus Epic #5. Historical Novel in the Arabic language, by Jordanian-American writer M.I. Quandour.

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Product Details
By:Quandour, M.I. (b. 1938) محي الدين قندور
Pages: 433 pp
Publisher:AIRP, Beirut, 2006
Dimensions:14 x 21 cm
Topic:Arabic Fiction - Circassians - Historical Novel - Jordan

More Information

About the author:
A writer, film producer and businessman with more than 40 years experience in international arenas. Quandour was born in Jordan and completed his education (BA. MA. MIS. PHD) in the USA. He began his creative & business career in New York in advertising and documentary film productions. In 1970 he published his first novel 'The Skyjack Affair' and moved to Hollywood in the early seventies where he worked as a screenwriter and later producer/director for television and feature films. In 1974/75 Quandour returned to the business world as a marketing specialist and later as a consultant to several multinational companies and banks. In 1990 Quandour resumed his writing career with several historical novels and produced many documentary series (The last Horsemen, Musical Journeys, etc.). Quandour is also known as an international expert on horses and equestrian sports and as a breeder of pure Arabians. In recent years Quandour has been writing classical music (concerts of his works playing in Russia, Japan, Germany, Spain).

Qisas Tarikhiya 5 - Revolution  ملحمة القفقاس 5 - الثورة

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