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Qur'an bi-Riwayat Qaloon (Uthmani, Medium) مصحف برواية قالون حجم الوسط

Language: Arabic


Mushaf with Riwayat (narration) of al-Imam al-Qaaloon (Qalun), with Othman Taha script. Imam Qaaloon (Qalun) (120/738-220/835), was a student of Imam Nafi' al-Madani.

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Pages: 632 pp, 2 color, cream paper
Publisher:Dar Ibn Kathir, Beirut/Damascus
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:Qur'an - Narration Qaloon

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About Imam Qalun 'an Nafi' (Qaloon) قَالُون عَن نافِع
Known as Iman Qalun, his name was Abu Musa 'Issa bin Mina Born in Medina in 120/738, he studied Qur'an reading under Imam Nafi'. He was said to be deaf, either from adulthood for childhood, however if someone recited the Qur'an, he could hear it. After Imam Nafi's death he became took the position of Qari and Muallim (Qur'an reciter and teacher) in Madina, until he passed away in 220/835.

Qur'an bi-Riwayat Qaloon (Uthmani, Medium)  مصحف برواية قالون حجم الوسط

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