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Naya wa Hamzah ناي و الهمزة
By: Qalani, Najwa / Ill: Safwat, Hiyam

Language: Arabic


هَلْ هِيَ طائِرٌ يَبْحَثُ عَنْ مَوضِعٍ يَرْتَكِزُ عَلَيْه، أمْ تَنامُ عَلى وَرَقَةِ الإمْلاءِ في صَفْحَةٍ بَيْنَ اللَّوْنِ الأحْمَرِ والحِبْرِ الأزْرَق؟

تَعالَوا مَعَنا إلى بَيْتِ «ناي»، لِنعْرِفَ ماذا يَجْري هُناكَ مَعَ «ناي» والهَمْزَة

Naya and the Hamzah (the letter Hamzah). Is she a bird looking for a resting place, or does she sleep on a dictation page between red and blue ink? Come with us to Naya's house to see what is going on with Naya and the Hamzah.

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Product Details
By:Qalani, Najwa / Ill: Safwat, Hiyam
Pages: 20 pp
Publisher:Asala Publishing, Beirut, 2019
Dimensions:20 x 27 cm
Topic:Children's Picture Storybook - Family - Rules of Hamzah - Ages 8-11

Naya wa Hamzah  ناي و الهمزة

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