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A Journey of Self Recognition (Art of Living)
By: Miniawi, Hala

Language: English


An emotional book that describes human experience in depth. The writer [Dr. Hala El Miniawi] draws with words pictures of places she visited so the reader can smell the odors, and relive the journey in all of its dimensions. The images are so vivid, accompanied by real photos to take the reader into places, so enchanting yet truly existed.

A collection of memories and experiences that will raise that will raise the reader's spirits

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Product Details
By:Miniawi, Hala
Pages: 102 pp
Publisher:Dar al Fikr, Beirut 2018
Dimensions:14 x 20 cm
Topic:Memoirs - Joy of Living - Inspirational Writings

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Faces of people and the impressions they left on the soul and mind are described so eloquently that either you familiarize yourself with them or just enjoy the recount of people which was true and hearty written, never meant to offend but rather to elevate words to the greatness of human experience that in spite of all of its worries continues its struggle to excel overall limitations, and survive.

Words of wisdom are also there in the chapter of thinking aloud, giving the reader tips on how to deal with stress, work tension, loss of purpose and all the other problems of modern life.

Touches of humor would be found here and there to give the book that glamour of being so true to life in describing its details though skillfully interwoven in harmony with thoughts, intellect and precious words that summarize the essence of life and highlight possible paths that would add joy, pleasure, enjoyment and maybe entertainment to dull monotonous days that people might experience

Dr. Hala is an intellectual writer and life coach who draws with her words portraits of people, places and realms that have never been visited before. Her descriptions address the reader's senses and intellect leaving great spaces for images to be manipulated by individual experiences.

The author's studies of human psychology and literature for around 35 years had widened her understanding of human nature, stimuli and responses. Her profound studies of languages and intercultural communication influenced her choice of highly eloquent and attractive expressions that recreate scenes in crystal words that reflect all the beautiful colors of the rainbow.

A Journey of Self Recognition (Art of Living)

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