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Haj and Umra: The Epic Journey
By: Ahmad, Shaykh Asim

Language: English with Arabic


Did you know that many of the historical landmarks are only walking distance from Masjid Nabawi?

This exciting new travel guide covers more than just the dos and do nots of haj and umra, its first person narrative combs through the hadith collections to put you in the footsteps of the blessed Prophet (saw) at Hajjat al-Wada, and provides invaluable insight into the spiritual, legal, and historical aspects of haj and umra. It also helps you rediscover the rich spiritual heritage of Islam with a brief history of the many Sahaba (ra) buried in Jannat al-Baqi and some of the many undiscovered landmarks of Madina Munawwara. Extensively researched, the guide moves beyond the mere rituals and presents an extraordinary perspective on how to understand and engage with the ancient truths in the modern settings of Makka and Madina Munawwara.

Haj and Umra: The Epic Journey includes:
• Personalization with a first-person narrative
• Maps of over 30 landmarks in Madina Munawwara
• Walking maps for haj stations
• Planner charts
• Map of the Historic and Modern Masjid Nabawi
• 3D Map of Jannat al-Baqi and biographies of many of the Sahaba (ra) buried in it

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Product Details
By:Ahmad, Shaykh Asim
Language:English with Arabic
Pages: 300 pp, color
Publisher:Madania Publications, Istanbul 2015
Dimensions:13 x 22 cm
Topic:Hajj Rites / Travel / Pilgrimage

Haj and Umra: The Epic Journey
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