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Rihlat al-Saffar Ila Faransa (1845-1846) رحلة الصفار الى فرنسا
By: Tatwani, Muhammed bin Abd Allah al-Saffar al-Andalusi محمد بن عبد الله الصفار الاندلسي التطوانيد

Language: Arabic


رحلة الصفار الى فرنسا، 1845-1846
محمد بن عبد الله الصفار الاندلسي التطواني
حققها وقدم لها سوزان ميللر
عرب الدراسة وشارك في التحقيق خالد بن الصغير., صفار، محمد،, 19 قرن

Disorienting Encounters: Travels of Moroccan Scholar in France (1845-1846). Ibn Battuta award for manuscripts of cultural value, by Muhammad bin Abd Allah al-Saffar al-Andalusi al-Tatwani. Compilation and Introduction by Susan Miller.
In December of 1845, Muhammad as-Saffar was sent by the reigning Moroccan sultan on a special diplomatic mission to Paris. During the journey, as-Saffar took careful notes and upon his return he hurriedly wrote this travel account. Why was the sultan, descendent of the Prophet Muhammad, and head of a dynasty that had ruled Morocco for more than two hundred years, so eager to read this account? Perhaps he thought it would illuminate some troubling matters: how the French acquired their power and their mastery over nature how they led their daily lives, educated their children, treated their women and servants. In short, the sultan wanted to know the condition of French civilization and why it differed from his. As-Saffar provided the answers. Moreover, as we read the account, Muhammad as-Saffar comes alive for us. We see him reflecting on the beauty of women, contorting during his ritual ablutions, and suffering from boredom at endless dinners. His opinions and ideas infuse every page. For him the journey was more than a catalog of curiosities it was a transforming experience. Given our very limited knowledge of the time and the absence of other voices that speak with equal clarity, this travel account enlarges our understanding of the relationship between nineteenth-century Morocco and France. (Publisher description from English Edition)

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Product Details
By:Tatwani, Muhammed bin Abd Allah al-Saffar al-Andalusi محمد بن عبد الله الصفار الاندلسي التطوانيد
Pages: 324 pp, Illustrations, map
Publisher:AIRP, Amman, 2007
Dimensions:17 x 24 cm
Topic:Muslim scholar - 19th Century Travels - France - Paris

Rihlat al-Saffar Ila Faransa (1845-1846) رحلة الصفار الى فرنسا

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