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Hajj, al-'Ilm, wa-al-Sufiyah الحج, العلم, والصوفية
By: Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF)

Language: Arabic


الحج ، العلم ، والصوفية : الفن الإسلامي في الضفة العربية وغزةّ
al-Ḥajj, al-ʻilm, wa-al-Ṣūfīyah : al-fann al-Islāmī fī al-Ḍiffah al-gharbīyah wa-Ghazzah.

يستكشف كتاب (الحج، العلم والتصوف: الفن الإسلامي في الضفة الغربية وغزو) تلك الحقبة من حكم سلالات الأيوبيين والمماليك والعثمانيين، وذلك عندما وفدت إلى فلسطين أعداد كبيرة من الحجاج والباحثين من جميع أصقاع العالم الإسلامي.

Pilgrimage, Sciences and Sufism : Islamic Art in the West Bank and Gaza' with 216 colour illustrations. Part of the Museum without Borders, Islamic Art in the Mediterranean series.

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Product Details
By:Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF)
Pages: 260 pp
Publisher:AIRP, Beirut, 2007 Arabic Edition
Dimensions:15 x 22 cm
Topic:Islamic Art and Architecture

More Information

This travel guide and survey to Islamic art, architecture and culture in the West Bank and Gaza shows the treasures in their historical and cultural context. It includes 216 colour illustrations, descriptions of the items on display, an historic and artistic introduction, itineraries and practical information.
Itinerary I. Jerusalem and the Haram al-Sharif: the Qibla of Palestine
Itinerary II. Sufi Institutions in Jerusalem
Itinerary III. Jerusalem: the Centre of Religious Study and Knowledge
Itinerary IV. A Journey into the Wilderness
Itinerary V. The Course of Khans and of Sufism
Itinerary VI. Nablus: the City of Hammams and Soap
Itinerary VII. The Pilgrimage Road between Jerusalem and Hebron
Itinerary VIII. Hebron: the City of Abraham
Itinerary IX. Gaza: the Gate to Africa

Explores a period during the reigns of the Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman dynasties, when large numbers of pilgrims and scholars from all quarters of the Muslim world came to Palestine. This strong tide of religious sentiment gave scope to the develoment of Sufi thought through the madrasas, zawiyas and ribats, which multiplied throughout the land. Gathering the greatest, most learned persons, many popular centres enjoyed considerable prestige and encouraged the spread of a rarefied art that still today maintains all of its power of fascination. The Islamic monuments and architecture put forward by this exhibition clearly reflect the major dimensions of pilgrimage, sciences and Sufism.

Museum With No Frontiers carries out art, architecture and archaeology exhibitions where the pieces are not displayed in a closed space - but rather, where the monuments, places, and objects are presented in their place of origin and within their historical and cultural context.

Hajj, al-'Ilm, wa-al-Sufiyah الحج, العلم, والصوفية

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