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Ikhtifa' اختفاء
By: Matar, Hisham (b. 1970) / Tr: Abd al-Nabi, Muhammad محمد عبد النبي

Language: Arabic


ﻫﺷﺎﻡ ﻤﻃﺭ
ترجمة : محمد عبد النبي

كان نوري صغيرا عندما توفيت والدته ، ولم يتخيل قط أن يستطيع أحد ملء الفراغ الذي خلفته ..حتى ظهرت منى . رآها نوري أولا ، قبل أن تقابل والده و قبل أن توافق عاى الزواج منه
استبدت بنوري الغيرة من سعادة والده و حياته الجديدة مع منى حتى تمنى اختفاءه ، ّذلك قبل اختفاء والده المفاجئ و الغامض في شتاء عام 1972 . و مع سعي نوري و منى للبحث عن والده يكتشفا تفاصيل كانا يجهلانها عن حياة أقرب الناس لهما . من خلال قصة أسرة عربية تعيش في مصر هربا من طاغية ما ، و بلغة سلسة و جذابة تستدرجك لأعماق الرواية و شخصياتها ، يتساءل هشام مطر عن كيف نواصل الحياة رغم اختفاء أحبابنا عنها.

Translated to Arabic «Anatomy of a Disappearance» by British-Libyan novelist Hisham Matar.

«Anatomy of a Disappearance» is written with all the emotional precision and intimacy that have won Hisham Matar tremendous international recognition. In a voice that is delicately wrought and beautifully tender, he asks: When a loved one disappears, how does their absence shape the lives of those who are left?

Summary from English Edition:
Nuri is a young boy when his mother dies. It seems that nothing will fill the emptiness that her strange death leaves behind in the Cairo apartment he shares with his father. Until they meet Mona, sitting in her yellow swimsuit by the pool of the Magda Marina hotel. As soon as Nuri sees her, the rest of the world vanishes. But it is Nuri’s father with whom Mona falls in love and whom she eventually marries. And their happiness consumes Nuri to the point where he wishes his father would disappear.

Nuri will, however, soon regret what he wished for. His father, long a dissident in exile from his homeland, is taken under mysterious circumstances. And, as the world that Nuri and his stepmother share is shattered by events beyond their control, they begin to realize how little they knew about the man they both loved.

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Product Details
By:Matar, Hisham (b. 1970) / Tr: Abd al-Nabi, Muhammad محمد عبد النبي
Pages: 252 pp
Publisher:Dar al-Shorouk, Cairo 2012
Dimensions:14 x 20 cm
Topic:Translated Literature - Novel - British/Libyan

Ikhtifa'  اختفاء

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