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Maʻzufat al-Arnab معزوفة الأرنب
By: Harradi, Muhammad محمد الهرادي

Language: Arabic


هذه رواية غنيَّة في عناصرها الواقعيَّة، غرائبيَّة في تهويماتها التخييليَّة، جميلة بلغتها المتدفِّقة، المُكتنزَة للاستعارات والإحالات، الطامحة إلى الإمساكِ بالكينونة المتأرجحة بين الطابَع البشري والظلال الخرافية … القارئ لن يفلتَ من سِحْرها قبل أن يستوعب دلالاتها ورموزَها التي تستوحي مشاهِدَ الطفولة الملتحمة بتاريخ المغرب قُبَيْلَ الاستقلال ثمَّ بعدهُ، كما سيتوقف عند شخصيتى إدريس الذى لقب نفسه بـ “صاحب السمو”، وسعاد التى درست الأدب الإنجليزى، وواجهت تجربة تحقيق الذات، من خلال علاقة غرامية ملتبسة مع إدريس المفتون بتاريخ روسيا وأبطال ثورتها وروايات كتابها وسيمفونيات موسيقييها.

Longlisted for the 2023 International Prize for Arabic Fiction (Arab Booker), «The Melody of the Rabbit» by Moroccan writer Muhammad Harradi.
Idris, the main protagonist of «The Melody of the Rabbit», lives a monotonous existence working in a gloomy basement archive under the city, which represents state surveillance of its citizens. Passionate about Russian history, culture and its revolutionary heroes, he spends his time researching the Russian families who settled in Rabat after the Bolshevik Revolution. Living in a parallel fantasy world and indulging in constant daydreaming to escape his Kafkaesque existence, Idris begins to imagine that he is one of the Russian immigrants and styles himself as «His Majesty». Underlying this charade, he relives painful childhood memories, in particular the killing of his father in the bloody political struggles following Moroccan independence. He remains in isolation, with no visitors to the basement, until a new colleague arrives: Suaad, who has studied English literature, and they begin an ambiguous romantic relationship. (

Longlisted for the 2023 International Prize for Arabic Fiction

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Product Details
By:Harradi, Muhammad محمد الهرادي
Pages: 208 pp
Publisher:Manshurat al-Mutawassit, Milan 2022
Dimensions:14 x 21 cm
Topic:Arabic Fiction - Morroco

More Information

Mohammed Harradi is a Moroccan writer, born in Al Qunaitra, Morocco, in 1946. He has worked as a chief inspector for the National Ministry of Education, a lecturer in Education, and a researcher in the Centre for Educational Planning in Rabat. He has published five novels: The Bitter Almond (1980), Dreams of a Cow (1988), Rooster of the North (2001), Dante (2015), and Melody of the Rabbit (2022)

Maʻzufat al-Arnab معزوفة الأرنب

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